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Next Steps for Families

At kidVenture Island life change happens one kid at a time. The best way to grow in our relationship with Jesus as a family is by taking Next Steps to fully follow him.

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Family Dedication

Each year families have the opportunity to take their Next Step and say they will commit to love and guide their children towards a relationship with Jesus.

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Kvi Experience

KVI Experience

We provide an opportunity for kids and their parents to come together and experience kidVenture Island. Watch the Bible come to life, compete to win prizes, enjoy some food, and connect over topics that can help you win at home with your kids.

The KVI Experience for 3-5 year olds and kindergarten-grade 4 is offered once a year. Stay tuned to register for free tickets.

Learn & Sing Together

Kids love to sing, dance, and show you how much they are learning at kidVenture Island. Here you can find videos that they can enjoy at home. These are the same songs they hear every weekend at kidVenture Island.

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Family Prayer

Trusting Jesus: Forever Friend Guide

At kidVenture Island, we have leaders that are trained to answer questions that kids in kindergarten through grade 4 may have about asking Jesus to be their Forever Friend.

kidVenture Island is a great place for kids to learn about Jesus, but we recognize that this decision to follow him as a Forever Friend is a great opportunity for families to take part in together.

We've created a simple guide that you can use to walk your child through that Next Step.

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Next Steps for Kids

Once your child has taken the step to ask Jesus to be their Forever Friend, we want to encourage you to share with them what their future Next Steps may be. It could be inviting friends to church, giving, serving, reading their Bible on a consistent basis, or exploring Baptism.


We encourage kids to invite their friends to kidVenture Island on the weekend. We provide opportunities and cards for kids to personally invite their friends so that inviting becomes a natural part of going to church.


Each weekend, we provide opportunities for kids to give back to God. There are small wishing wells in our environments where kids can drop their tithes and offerings. Giving is a Next Step in which kids learn that all things come from God, and one way we thank him is to give back.


At LCBC, we believe that we grow best when we’re serving others. You are the best example for your kids, and when you take the Next Step to consistently serve at LCBC, it encourages your kids to do the same. Kids who start serving at a young age are more likely to stay connected to church as they become teenagers and young adults.

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When your child is baptized, they’re publicly declaring they’re “all in” as a follower of Jesus. We recommend kids begin thinking about Baptism when they’re old enough to articulate their life change story and the impact Jesus has had in their life.

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Learning Together

Keep up with what your kids are learning at kidVenture Island on the weekend! Follow us for access to songs and videos that you and your kids can enjoy until the next time they’re at LCBC. A great way to stay connected is to follow us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter

Parent Cue

Parent Cue App

The Parent Cue App provides parents with simple cues throughout the week to help them connect to their kids through everyday moments — in the car, at the dinner table, and when bedtime hits.

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