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Christmas 2021 Toolkit

Christmas time is here! It’s the most wonderful time of the year - and making the most of it with Bible Reading Plans, articles, playlists, and more makes it even more fun! Check out all the resources that you can use to make this season memorable and celebrate the birth of Jesus with our Christmas 2021 Toolkit.

To Spend Time with God

    Whether you read the story of Jesus' birth every year, or you just know the main ideas, you might be surprised just how many details there are to explore when we dig deeper into the Christmas story. Dive in with this 5-Day Bible Reading Plan that explores the story of Christmas and all that it has to teach us today.

      At Christmas, we take time to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But when we read the Christmas story more closely, we can see God's provision and love throughout the lives of Mary, Joseph, and more. Spend twelve days resting in the fact that God is in control and practice trusting his plan for us.

      To Read

        Christmas is often called the most wonderful time of the year - and it's also the time of the year when we usually see the most of our families. No matter what the holidays look like this year, stress may creep in and overtake the joy we want to feel when celebrating. Take a few minutes to focus on God's ways with 8 Resources for Navigating Family Stress this Holiday Season.

        The morning of Christmas is exciting and special, so don’t let it pass by without making the most of it this year! Check out 5 fun ways to highlight Christmas morning and make it unforgettable.

        Have you ever felt like the Christmas season flies by before you can even enjoy it? This year, be intentional about unplugging and enjoying every moment of celebrating with the people you love by trying out these 3 simple opportunities to unplug.

        To Celebrate as A Family

        Get in the spirit of Christmas this year by spending the month of December reading through the story of Jesus's birth and finding practical ways to love others. Complete this plan by yourself or as a family!

        As parents, we all want to raise generous kids who appreciate giving as much as they do receiving. But how do we start to instill the joy of giving in our children? Check out 5 practical ways to try with your family this season.

        To Listen

        Set the scene this season with some of our favorite Christmas worship songs. Hit “play” on this playlist as you drive to your destination, cozying up by the fire with friends, or have it on in the background as you host!

        Sing along to Christmas tunes that your kids love with this playlist created by LCBC’s kidVenture Island teams.

        To Invite

        It’s always a good time to invite someone to join you for church, but Christmas is a time of year where a lot more people are open to being a part of a church service or gathering to celebrate the holiday. If there’s a certain person you’ve been thinking about inviting, Christmas At LCBC could be the perfect time!

        It’s easy to invite someone to join you for Christmas At LCBC this year - just download these digital invites and send them via text, email, on your story, or in a direct message on social media. 

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