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Bible Reading

The Bible challenges us to know God and see ourselves in his Word

Why Read The Bible?

Our deepest relationships are those that we invest the most time in. Being intentional about reading God’s Word means that we’re setting aside time to hear from him and understand what he wants for our lives. By taking the time each day to read and reflect on what he has to say, we can make being in a relationship with God a daily part our lives.

Plans to Follow

Use Bible.com or download the YouVersion Bible App to follow along with our quarterly Bible Reading Plans and to find more plans you can use to read the Bible each day.

Bible Reading Plans

Daily New Testament: Quarter 1

This is the first quarter of a plan to read the entire New Testament in one year. One Gospel is included in each quarter Weekends can be used to reflect on or memorize a key verse. Notes are also included to assist with understanding.

A Deeper Look into the Christmas Story (5-Day Bible Reading Plan)

Whether you read the story of Jesus' birth every year, or you just know the main ideas, you might be surprised just how many details there are to explore when we dig deeper into the Christmas story. Dive in with this 5-Day Bible Reading Plan that explores the story of Christmas and all that it has to teach us today.

Advent Bible Reading Plan (25-Day Plan)

Get in the spirit of Christmas this year by spending the month of December reading through the story of Jesus's birth and finding practical ways to love others. Complete this plan by yourself or as a family!

Giving Thanks: A 5-Day Bible Reading Plan

The season of Thanksgiving is here, and it's the perfect time to lean into what God has to say about gratitude. Dive into this 5-Day Bible Reading Plan and learn how to seek gratitude in everything you do.

Book by Book: Quarter 4

This part of the reading plan includes selected chapters from each book of the Bible from John to Revelation. Reading some of each book will give us insight into all of the Bible. We will discover that it contains both stories and instruction and will help us understand God and ourselves better.

How to "Be Rich"

As followers of Jesus, we are called to "be rich in good deeds." So where do we start? Check out this 7-Day Bible Reading Plan for verses from the Bible that point us in the right direction and a daily devotional to center our hearts on others.

Loving Others Through the 5 Love Languages

We all want to love others well - so where do we start? Learn practical ways to love one another through the 5 Love Languages - Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Gift Giving, and Physical Touch.

Exploring Forgiveness through Film

Sometimes it's easier to explore a deep subject when we can see it through the lens of a film we love. This 5-Day plan pairs biblical truths on forgiveness with the stories from popular movies to give you a new perspective on the importance of understanding forgiveness, accepting forgiveness and offering forgiveness.

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