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LCBC Update: Interruption vs. Disruption

Posted on April 21, 2020

A message from David Ashcraft

Dear LCBC Family and Friends,

I heard someone say this past week that this pandemic “is not just an interruption – it’s actually a disruption.”  This person went on to explain that an interruption causes a brief pause in our normal routines - but a disruption brings permanent changes to our lives.

Today, God is truly disrupting our lives! And God is giving us the opportunity to make some major changes in our lives. Permanent changes - changes that may very well impact our eternities. 

Over the years I have found that people are never more open to spiritual conversations than when their lives are being disrupted. When there is uncertainty about life and when there are many questions about the future – hearts are often softened towards God.

That’s why I have been so encouraged to hear story after story of so many of you leaning in to this disruption and reaching out and inviting others to join an LCBC gathering online. Time and time again we are hearing how much easier it is to invite someone to join us online than coming into one of our buildings. 

With every invitation you are opening up the possibility of a life being changed by Christ for eternity. So way to go! Don’t give up inviting – you never know who will finally take you up on your offer.

And thank you for trusting us with your friends, your family, your neighbors and co-workers. Following are just a few of the hundreds of stories we are receiving -

This upcoming Easter Sunday has given me an opportunity to share a worship experience with a friend that I have prayed for over the past seven years that I’ve known her. She has not accepted worship invitations from me in the past. However, praise God, she is planning to join us online for Easter. This will be her first church experience in twenty years. (Update – she did in fact view our worship today – praise God!)”

I’ve invited my family to church for thirteen years – so my expectations weren’t very high this time around - but it was Easter and I sent an invite to my family. As I was watching the 9:00am gathering I noticed out of the corner of my eye a name pop up on the chat line that could only have been my mom asking for tech support. You never know when someone will take a step closer to Jesus – that’s why inviting matters so much.”

Denise’s sister has been a constant invite for years. They were supposed to come Christmas but never showed, but texted Sunday and said they had just finished watching the 6:15pm gathering. :)” 

Bill and his wife Ruth are leading their Life Group online in this season. But Bill decided to start a second online group simply so he could invite his neighbors to join a group as well.  Last week while chatting with a neighbor Bill mentioned he needed to go because his Life Group was about to start – to which this neighbor asked Bill, ‘What’s a Life Group?’ As Bill explained what a Life Group is, the neighbor asked Bill, ‘Can I join it?’  Bill and four of his neighbors are now meeting online regularly as a Life Group.”

During this disruption - why not lean in to Jesus and reach out to others – you just might change a life for eternity – yours and theirs!

See you this weekend,


PS – Be sure to go to LCBCchurch.com and let us know how we can be praying for you – you don’t have to go through this disruption alone!

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