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Student Bus Accident Update

Posted on September 20, 2021

On Sunday, September 19, 2021, a bus returning from LCBC's HSM Retreat carrying high school freshman and sophomore girls and volunteer leaders from our Manheim campus was involved in an accident. We will provide updates via this news article when we have new information. Please join us in praying for those involved in the accident, their families and friends, our staff and our entire LCBC Family.

November 12 | 2:30pm

October 15 | 2:30pm

September 29 | 3:30pm

Dear LCBC Family & Friends,

Thank you for continuing to pray for the 31 students and volunteer leaders who were involved in the Fall Retreat bus accident on Sunday, September 19. Today, there are 4 students and 1 leader who remain hospitalized. While their individual situations are unique, each are facing potentially life altering circumstances because of the accident.

As we are reminded in Philippians 4:6 to “pray about everything,” I’m asking you, as part of the LCBC Family, to commit to praying for these 5 women by name - one name per day over the next 5 days.

For the students and leader that remain in the hospital, pray for physical and psychological healing. For their families, pray that they would experience God’s presence, comfort, and peace. And for the medical staff, pray for skill and wisdom as they provide care and treatment.

Over each of the next 5 days, I’ll send a short email reminder with the name to pray for that day following the schedule below.

Thursday: Sara
Friday: Faith
Saturday: Adelynn
Sunday: Natalia
Monday: Sharon

Thank you for your continued prayers,


September 26 | 9:00am

September 23 | 3:00pm

Dear LCBC Family & Friends,

Since Sunday’s accident, you continue to inspire me with your overwhelming support and continued prayers this week and how you’ve been showing up as the Church. If you've missed any of my prior emails about the accident you can read about them and view further updates below. Several of you have asked about how the bus driver is doing and while we don’t have details on his condition, I can share that yesterday one of our pastors was able to pray with him in the hospital.

Today, we’re thanking God that one more student has been discharged and is now home with her family and another student has been moved to a pediatric rehabilitation hospital. There are currently 8 students and volunteer leaders who remain in hospital care and continue receiving incredible care as they take positive steps in their recovery journey. Paul encourages us in Phillippians not to be anxious, but to give our requests to God through prayer and thanksgiving. With their families’ permission, I’m inviting you to join me in praying for them by name: Adelynn, Anah, Belle, Emily, Faith, Natalia, Sara, & Sharon. And asking you to pray for complete and total healing for each of them.

I’d also ask that you pray for long-term physical, emotional and psychological healing for all 31 of the students and leaders and the bus driver. LCBC, I’m amazed at how you continue to show up time and time again, but this week your love has been truly special.

Grateful for your continued prayers,


September 22 | 4:00pm

LCBC Family,

Like many of you, my Sunday did not go as planned. I was looking forward to church, family, food and football. But God had plans to disrupt our day and change our lives. Now I’ll be honest – sometimes I don’t understand God’s plans. But over the years, particularly in situations like Sunday’s accident, I’ve learned that when I don’t like God’s plans, that’s exactly the time that I need to step back and remind myself of who God is. Watch the video to hear more.

Keep leaning into God - asking him for care, comfort and healing the the students, leaders and their families.

LCBC I love you, I’m proud of you, and I look forward to seeing you this weekend!

September 21 | 5:30pm

Dear LCBC Family & Friends,

Over the past two weekends, 400 high school students and nearly 200 volunteers and staff from across all of our LCBC locations participated in Fall Retreat 2021. As we previously shared, on the trip home this past Sunday afternoon, one of the buses was involved in a very serious accident. If you've missed any of my prior emails about the accident you can read about them and view further updates on this page.

Thank you for your overwhelming support and continued prayers over these past 48 hours. We continue to hear inspiring stories of how you're being the Church through this situation. For instance, in the chaos of the accident, the parents of one of the hospitalized girls shared that their daughter had lost her glasses. After hearing from our staff of her need for glasses, two different eye doctors who attend LCBC raced to bring her a new pair. In a matter of hours they returned to the hospital with two new pairs. We've also been amazed by the number of LCBC nurses, doctors and medical professionals who have stepped forward to pray and provide care for the girls and leaders.

Since yesterday's update, we've learned that 3 more girls have been discharged and we're hopeful more will be able to go home over the next day or two. We praise God that the 10 students and volunteer leaders who remain in the hospital are taking positive steps in their recovery journey. As I've had the opportunity to connect with the families, I've heard over and over again how much they appreciate the care and support they are receiving from LCBC and how much they appreciate all the prayers.

Grateful for your continued prayers,


PS - A number of you have reached out for a tangible way that you can support the families that have been affected. In response, we've created the Fall Retreat Bus Accident Support Fund to help meet the needs of those impacted by the accident.

September 20 | 4pm

LCBC Family & Friends,

As the news of the HSM Fall Retreat bus accident is reaching all of you, I am blown away by your response as a church family - your love for each other as one church is truly inspiring! If you missed my previous emails about the accident, you can read them below.

We’re all eager to stay up to date on the situation and I’ll provide updates to our church family with the latest details as soon as we can. As of this afternoon, 18 of the 31 students and volunteer leaders have been released from the hospital. The remaining 13 passengers are still receiving treatment at this time. Our Strategic Leadership Team along with our campus pastors are personally connecting with families in-person at the hospitals and will be in regular contact to provide care and support in the coming weeks. We ask for your continued prayers for recovery for everyone involved and for the medical staff that are providing care.

We’re also supporting the LCBC Manheim students, families and the volunteer leaders that participated in the student retreat by inviting them to a private event to care for and pray over those who are directly affected by the accident.

Many of you have asked how you can help during this difficult time. First, I’d ask you to pray specifically for healing - both physically and emotionally - for the students, the leaders and the bus driver. And second, pray for strength for all of our HSM students, leaders and staff as they are also hurting at this time. We’ll provide updates on this webpage when new information is available.

LCBC, I love you and I’m praying for you.


September 19 | 11:00pm

LCBC Family and Friends,

Thank you for praying for those involved in today's bus accident involving 31 students and leaders from our Manheim Campus who were returning from the LCBC HSM (high school ministry) retreat at Lake Champion in New York.

The accident took place around 3pm near the Hegins exit of I-81. All 31 of the freshman and sophomore girls and their leaders on the bus sustained various levels of injury and all but one were transported to five local hospitals for care. Four were taken by Life Flight to either Hershey Medical Center or the Geisinger Hospital in Danville. As of this evening, two-thirds have been released from the hospital while the other third remain hospitalized, several in critical condition.

We ask that you would continue to pray for each student and their families during this very difficult time. Specifically, we are asking God for the comfort and healing of each student along with wisdom and skill for the medical teams that care for them. Additionally, we ask for peace and comfort for the families of each of the girls involved.

I love our LCBC family, and families pull together in times of need. And now is the time for our entire LCBC family to come together in prayer to support these girls and leaders and their families.

We'll keep you updated as more information is made available to share.


September 19 | 6:30pm

LCBC Family and Friends,

This afternoon a bus returning from the LCBC HSM Fall Retreat carrying high school freshman and sophomore girls and volunteer leaders from our Manheim campus was involved in an accident.

Our staff are onsite and are still working to gather all the details, but there are injured passengers who have been taken to nearby hospitals. There were a total of 3 buses returning to the Manheim campus, the other two buses have arrived safely to the campus.

Please join us in praying for our Manheim students, parents, and leaders, asking for God's care and protection of all involved. Updates will be provided as more information is received.

Thank you for your prayers,


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