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Student Ministry

Student Ministry is where students in grades 5-12 can have fun with friends, play games, and learn truth as they grow in their faith by investing in their relationship with God, others, and their community.

Connecting With God

We want students to keep growing in their faith and friendships during this season and connecting with God, others, and our community. Students in Grades 5-12 can engage with us regularly on our social channels and make strong connections in our Groups where students can engage with God’s Word and our weekly discussion questions.

Collide (5-8th)

Weekly Questions

HSM (9-12th)

Bible Reading Plan

One of the best ways to grow in our relationship with God is through our Bible Reading Plans, which are created to make it easy for you to find your chair and take 10 minutes every day to read God’s Word and see how it applies to your life.

Collide (5-8th)

Family Matters

Family - what a crazy, complicated word. You don’t pick your family, but you have to live with them. Relationships with our family members can be some of the most complicated relationships in life. But, when we follow God’s directions for treating those around us, especially our family, our home-life becomes a lot easier. This week, we’re going to discover how to not only survive in your family but thrive!

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HSM (9-12th)

Make Jesus King

We all have something that sits on the throne of our hearts - something that calls the shots in our lives. That may be yourself, academics, a goal, or a relationship. However, only one person truly belongs on the throne - Jesus. Many of us claim to follow Jesus. We love him, but we don't allow him to lead us. So, what does it look like to make Jesus king?

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Everything is more fun when you do it with friends! Invest in your relationship with others and join a Group with students in your grade along with a leader as you talk, ask questions, and explore what you’re learning together.

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Leaders Podcast

Student Ministry Leader Podcast

Leading students to grow in their relationship with Jesus is meaningful, fun and… difficult. Twice a month we tackle a specific issue, share ideas and encouragement that will help you grow as a small group leader.


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